Secrets of Success For Embracing The Shapetalking Psychology

His anger makes him half a man.

Anger is never anything other than fear. Why you've never been told this is anyone's guess. Take it from someone who reads more masters each year than you will in your life, professors included.

In this rare case, please do not be offended or angered or feel that anything is being rubbed in your face, but, with such a great example at instant hand, think of the difference between your I.Q. and the I.Q. of someone who you know for a fact is no more than half as smart or as knowledgeable as you are, barely even half as capable of producing fast, rational answers to countless questions.

When you are you gie simple task of teaching that person something in five minutes what took you a year or two or five to learn, what do you do? How do you actually get them to master a task in just five minutes? Can you?

That's a smaller question than the one that is posed next, because the difference between you and that person, presumably a child or an idiot, is such a large gap that it's simply unreasonable for a trained adult to teach someone with less than half the knowledge and experience, or, coming down to what it's really all about, less than half the tools. The more you consider the differences between you, the more frustrating it can be, as you surely agree.

Which brings us to you, and our purpose in this minute. Are you able to think for a few minutes from the point of view of that person looking at you and to you for answers?

You and I will never meet in person, for I'm not an actual person. I am the walking wisdom of many thousands of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires who developed mastery first, and showed the way. In terms of thought processing and data storage, the difference between you and the person we've been entertaining is, in all likelihood and empirical demonstration, truly tiny in comparison to the difference between you and I. Since we'll never meet, and after ten years of being tops on the internet in a hundred categories, all silently, there is no ulterior motive here. The next thirty seconds are going to be among the critical of your life. Accept these pieces of the greatest information chunks ever condensed.

Every ounce of anger is fear, disguised as physical force, hidden by the symptoms associated with anger. The next time you're yelled at, ask what the underlying fear is. If violence ensues, hit back or run for your life and get help. As stupid as anger is, some people believe it's worse to tolerate a bully. Have the courage to stand up or at least run for your life.

We know no exceptions. If you figure you have two thousand more episodes of anger between now and the day you die, it means you now possess the information in advance that you now possess two thousand separate opportunities to respond the way an intelligent or wise human would and does each day.

Every single episode of anger releases horrific toxins out of your storage and processing facilities and into your blood. By far, anger is way up at or near the top of any rational list of stupid things we do in life.

Every act of anger every carried out by a human, yes, in the history of the race, and hugely, repetitively documented, has been committed by a human who'd eaten many dosages of white flour or white sugar. Sugar also eats flesh, which clears up the mystery that you have always experienced, wondering just why sugar is bad for you. It also neutralizes all hydrochloric acid in the stomach, preventing more than eighty percent of all the nutritive value of what you're eating from being processed by the intestine. By the way, eighty percent of all the white flour you have eaten in the past several years is still inside you, unless you're one of the truly rare humans who has consumed nothing but fresh vegetables and fruits for thirty to ninety days, which is a diet that removes more than eighty percent of all the garbage you have stored in your lower instestine. You see, child, there is no such thing as "fat," with relation to food converting to fat in your body. Any doctor who tells you this is to be ridiculed or pitied for being so lethally ignorant. All food goes into your body. Anything not from the ground stays inside, at least eighty percent of it, so the tripling if diabetes and cancers, diet-based, is merited, thanks to habitually moronic dietary decisions.

Aside from causing your hair to turn gray or white if the anger is manageable or fall out when it's full-blown rage, beyond the acid that pour into your stomach which eat the lining of your stomach, and even suppressing talk of the drain on the lymphatic, or immune system, each and every single second of anger is an individual acceleration of the aging process. If you think that worry speeds up the aging process, you are correct Fear and worry are subordinate to anger, because they are components of anger. Take it, run with it, chew it over, and, just like so many others, your life instantly gets a long-term, lifetime FREE PASS on one of the most corrosive, and certainly among the most brainless of activities.

Just think what you'll do with all of those thousands of toxic moments, turning them into gold.

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