Castles in the air are wonderful, and bound to be built,
              by those who create foundations underneath them.

My Early Chossid

Make use of your Route Of True Longevity to assist in feeding starving children
Nice to know you can make a difference

If the singular achievement of the Route Of True Longevity is enticing your clickthroughs, we all win.
Socially-conscious corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people with free clickthroughs.
When we click this food button and the one that pops open we get to save a human life... at no charge to either of us.
Can you think of a more noble effort for the Route Of True Longevity to pursue?   What goes around comes around.
to the magnificent human beings behind TheHungerSite and, also, maybe others like them,
standing ovations are what you earn and receive for the light you shine on this earth.

Today is, without a doubt, the most powerful day of your life.
There are only three days in your life: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Yesterday is history, and we cannot get better yesterday, right?
Tomorrow is a mystery, and we may not be here for tomorrow.
That leaves today, the only day in which you can live.
Therefore, live more in this moment, in this day.
Reduce your petty conversations and collect,
collecting thousands of wasted minutes,
that you may live more and better.

PowerGems: Shapetalking Psychology PowerGems,
the world's universal shortcuts that always work!
Before you move further, you should know this:
PowerGems work consistently,
approximately 100 percent of the time,
for about 100 percent of the users,
who use them 100 times each.
Join the circle of winners.

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Delve into the Shapetalking Psychology. Reduce the petty conversation by one or two or ten percent.
It is because you can pick any page of the Shapetalking Psychology and get instant shortcuts,
it is just because there is no lateral necessity for the Shapetalking Psychology, you win.
you cannot learn less about anything. When you use a dozen and even scores of sources, you win.
When you stop eating foods made by a corporation, in favor of ground-based foods, you win.
your presence here shows that you are very committed to live the best of your life, correct?
The Route Of True Longevity is guiding you in this ten seconds to stretch your lungs and muscles.
The brilliance of combining the Shapetalking Psychology and Route Of True Longevity will thrill you.

How Many Answers To The Same Questions?

In all that we know we will never know.
the ways of women are wild.
Piqueing at blunder, peeking at wonders
clear direction delicately certain
Ever beguiling without hardly trying
Never beguiled by blandishments mild.

Perplexed teachers reaching, preaching of knowledge,
knowing that few parents care;
the date and the time and place say it all,
for your name is yet inscribed upon the ultimate wall.

What you do speaks so loudly that no one can care
what you force us to hear; what you need to share.
What you do tells us, no need to remind us,
grinding a binding of how you might charm us.
Your actions can match the clash of your words,
where developing worlds get cursed for the worst.

The only thing written in the sands of time,
that climb higher than vanity's flightless harm,
is the still-growing knowing that the sun will rise,
that champions and leaders still rise and shine.
All that you say and all that you do,
too often are cancelled by neutral mistruths,

All that you wish enough to prove
are all we might want or can say of you.
All that you've done and all that you do,
will ripple or cripple long past your truths.

So nip at your stipple of bridling pride;
Make sure that your smile is timely and wide.
Set aside for the ride, or amidst, astride
blown by the winds of fortune and chance,
subject to the whims of those who wear pants.
or make it your life to ride into time.

For all that you've paid just to get to the door,
this is the day you draw to the fore.

Salt of the earth you may yet prove to be,
showing a glowing of coping and hoping.
Let the stars sparkle brighter, in colorful bursts,
opportunity offering so many new firsts.

Climb into time and take your place
into history's call for your pretty face.
You've got the voice of power to dare,
technology's power cannot make you care more.

Toying and ploying don't do the trick,
dollars and ballots are stronger than brick
Supplanting, digressing, choosing and losing
all of those moments are tools you're not using.
potency latent in the heat of your core.

You know what's wrong and you claim to be strong,
Heaven is moved when you decide on more.
Passion is power, invevitably more.
emotion your most potent key to the door.

Shapetalking Psychology Route Of True Longevity Exegesis Shapetalk

Each of the EyeCandy Shapelinks and Shapetalk creations serve multiple purposes, as all wisdom is intended to do.
The Shapetalking Psychology and Route Of True Longevity are both usable, and accessible, to most everyone.
PowerGems of the Shapetalking Psychology, HealthGems of the Route Of True Longevity, and other sites,
are hidden in plain sight (and plain site, tee-hee) with several purposes in mind, several intentions.
Whether or not you understand why the Shapetalking Psychology and Route Of True Longevity work this way,
you can still access uncountable Shapetalking Psychology PowerGems and Route Of True Longevity HealthGems,
by looking in the places that might not seem so obvious, even as most of those places are plainly right here in plain sight.
Superceding all else is the certitude that you will get better and faster results when you engage your PowerGems and HealthGems.
Whyever would you brush your hair with one brush, one hand, creating MASSIVE disbalance in your body musculature, immune system, etc?
Why do you accept someone saying "No" to your request instead of finding out why they are saying no and then resolving their objection?

You are surrounded by magnificent shortcuts, innovated by the pioneers who had few or no shortcuts to make use of.
The Shapetalking Psychology is already alive and existing within you; you used the Shapetalking Psychology as a child.
-The Route Of True Longevity is already within you, waiting for you to make better decisions about the garbage you eat.

Use more of your shortcuts, and use your shortcuts more rightly. Understanding this will simplify much of your life and efforts.

Welcome to the Shapetalking Psychology and Route Of True Longevity, land of Shapetalk and Shapelinks, Shortcuts and PowerGems.