Reaching...     for     the     best     in     you.         Who     knows     better     than     Masters     and     Millionaires?    
What you know means very little in the face of what you do with what you know.
Actually, what you DO speaks so loudly you need not say a word.

The Shapetalking Psychology reminds you of the power of doubling.
Any number that you double ten times gets three more zeroes.
Repeating this one fantastic process multiplies your sums,
The greatest of all your money and wealth PowerGems.
This is a PowerGem that multiplies wealth repeatedly.
If you knew better, you'd surely do better, hm?
Instantly begin doubling your wealth, now.
Start with just ten percent. That's easy.
You can repeat it ten times to double,
or you can even start at one percent.
and repeat that tiny little step.
100 repetitions of 1 percent?
Indeed, that is a doubling.
Anything you double ten times
gets three more zeroes added on.
Call it a single "cycle," the ultimate of money cycles.
Ten percent per month means doubling every ten months.
In one hundred months you will have six zeroes added on.
So someone starting with a thousand dollars is a billionaire.
One hundred months is too long? That's eight years. Don't be silly.
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Doubling once, and doubling twice,
shortcuts can help you past doubling thrice.
shortcuts work about as much as do you,
no words you hear can prove as true.
Doubling here and doubling there,
pay close attention, child,
for doubling everywhere.
These are the days of doubling and more,
with shortcuts you cannot buy at the store.
These are the secrets, the PowerGems, the ways,
with which masters and champions fulfill all their days.
Doubling is here for you anytime, the moment that you choose to climb.

Rain Forest Seals Oceans
Big Cats Primates
Pets Stop Violence
End Breast Cancer
Daily Action

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Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
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Secrets of success, oh, sweet secrets of success,
How can I use these PowerGems, to clean up my lifetime mess?
The secrets of success do not work for everyone,
for they will not mass-produce for the laziest of our sons.
The secrets of success can only outperform the past,
when most actions were predicated
on rules tooo loose and fast.

This, howe'er, is a PowerGem,
and you should never confuse deese with dose or dem.
These are not the shortcuts of the secretively-minded,
And they're not all flash and dander
to leave you dazzled and mentally-blinded.

The secrets of success elevate each human effort,
For the secrets of success are known to fail, hm… NEVER!
Engage upon the way of those who trod those path before ye,
For the ways of those who do it best are all meant to support thee.

Reach inside the golden dreams of yesterday's sweet child,
You will that child hiding in sight, if you'll only look inside.
Sit right down there next to, the child you once were,
and you'll find the wealth of all the world,

To leave you detached, bemused and confused,
would only bad karma repeatedly infuse,
So let this be clarion in the roar of its call,
It is time to leap, focused, from off of that wall.

The secrets of success, in asking for more,
will grant you sweet entry to damn near every door.
Reach for the stars, reaching higher with smiles,
the secrets of success just eat up those miles.

To leave you dazzled and confused,
would be a power's low abuse.
Pick your secrets, thus, with care,
success is reserved for those who dare.

The only people who think there are no secrets of success are those not using the secrets of success.
You are going to make changes in the world for your use of the secrets of success.
Using them little or greatly will produce entirely concomitant results, hm?
The Shapetalking Psychology is living proof of the secrets of success.