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Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts

Should you truly need or desire to become a master or millionaire, a champion or billionaire,
remember why you have two ears & one mouth.

It's reasonable to think they were designed to be used twice as much.
Doesn't it follow that your two eyes are meant to be used twice as much as the one mouth?
Do you understand that hundreds of thousands of living masters
and millions of millionaires must know more than you?

As hard as it may be to visualize tens of thousands of masters at their craft,
let alone millions - - - that's right MILLIONS - - - of individual millionaires,
the fact remains that they can personally attest to the best news for you this year
with regard to your own possibilities and likelihoods.

Who among us can even imagine such numbers?
More to the point, do you believe that millions of successful individuals are wrong?

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