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One of the few great certainties of life is that you're capable of doing better one time for every twelve tries.
Engaging in this one practice is absolutely guaranteed to double your results or income in every area of human endeavor.
The simple act of getting one percent better every time you try something has magical results that defy all logic.

It is a perfect shortcut of life - a PowerGem. This one shortcut alone works approximately every time.
Without exception, one additional success for every twelve tries doubles your results and dollars.

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My Early Chossid

Use your Route Of True Longevity to help put a dent in starvation
Nice to know you can make a difference

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To the good and giving people behind TheHungerSite and, also, maybe others like them,
standing ovations are what you earn and receive for the light you shine on this earth.

Today is, without a doubt, the most powerful day of your life.
There are only three days in your life: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Yesterday is history, and we cannot get better yesterday, right?
Tomorrow is a mystery, and we may not be here for tomorrow.
That leaves today, the only day in which you can live.
Therefore, live more in this moment, in this day.
Reduce your petty conversations and collect,
collecting thousands of wasted minutes,
that you may live more and better.

PowerGems: Shapetalking Psychology PowerGems,
the world's universal shortcuts that always work!
Before you move further, you should know this:
PowerGems work consistently,
approximately 100 percent of the time,
for about 100 percent of the users,
who use them 100 times each.
Join the circle of winners.

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Wrap yourself in the Shapetalking Psychology. Reduce the petty conversation by one or two or ten percent.
It is because you can pick any page of the Shapetalking Psychology and get instant shortcuts,
it is just because there is no lateral necessity for the Shapetalking Psychology, you win.
you cannot learn less about anything. When you use a dozen and even scores of sources, you win.
When you stop eating foods made by a corporation, in favor of ground-based foods, you win.
your presence here demonstrates your predetermination to live the best of your life, correct?
The Route Of True Longevity is guiding you in this ten seconds to stretch your lungs and muscles.
The brilliance of combining the Shapetalking Psychology and Route Of True Longevity will thrill you.

Master Secrets Of The Universe Ala The Shapetalking Psychology

Whatever you may decide, it is a privilege to introduce the single most astonishing human you will ever meet.
Connected herein, you will find many, many millions of unique creations from the prolific MisterShortcut.
In fact, you can touch any character button on your keyboard, upper-case or lower-case, in fact,
to visit another MisterShortcut site. This cute trick works on a half-million unique pages.
A thousand different websites, half a million unique pages, countless mirror pages,
ballads and piano concertos. guitar virtuosity, poetry, hugely potent shortcuts,
are well within your grasp, too, or whatever most fills you with that feeling.
Reading a book or two by breakfast each day for fifteen thousand days,
re-living the shortcuts used by the smartest people to achieve most,
brilliant enough to maintain silence in the presence of masters,
who show us more than all the chattering television-ites do.
The search for and use of shortcuts is profoundly great.
You ARE the life of the Shapetalking Psychology.
Embrace excellence as a choice, repeatedly.
Every human effort has great shortcuts.
No exception has ever been found.
This guarantees accelerations.
It guarantees excellence.
Accelerated mastery.
So, speak less.
Do more.

for Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts,
and the Philosophy of Shortcuts for your best health tips.
What else can we find at the ?
Good question.

Life is not waiting. Get busier with the Philosophy of Shortcuts.

Look for hundreds of thousands of additional pages hand-crafted by the Godfather of EyeCandy; here are some samples of
masterlinks pages and shapelinks and Tower of Health and other EyeCandy,
all because I'm madly in love with your excellence. I KNOW that you were born to be a champion.
All for your pleasure, in hope your eyes will be so physically pleased with what you see that the learning doubles in speed AND quality.
Many self-made millionaires have publicly stated that following these shortcuts helped them to produce phenomenally accelerated results.

Look for your hidden treats, because there are thousands of them hidden all and in plain sight.
over one million unique web pages by the Chairman of the Board AND President of YOUR fan club.
YOU are my hero, so please prove me right in the next hour or two. Talk less. Do more.
We will all adore you.
That'a a promise and a guarantee, from the man with your plan, the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

Shapetalking Psychology Master Secrets Of The Universe

You are promised: The power to change the world transfers.
With no more or less than these words does energy move.
You are a record-breaking human, and we shall prove it.
Energy cannot die, it's quite alive in these words, hm?
Do now as MisterShortcut, silently breaking records.
As you feel the excitement growing, that is energy.
Countless world records, transferred over to you.
Energy doubles when shared. Please, accept it.
Capturing your fire is no more than a decision.
Focus, incessantly, on what you most desire.
Go. Do. Shhh. Get that one percent better.
To you top seven-percenters: each day!
One percent per day, times 100 days,
totals double what you have now,
more than you have today.
Double what you know;
Double who you are.
Of course it works.
Actions prove all.
Who knows better than those who shatter the most world records?
The Shapetalking Psychology is born of those who repeatedly do best.
Winners make a habit of doing what losers profess to know in great detail.
The only people in the room entitled to an opinion have striven a hundred times.
One percent repeated a thousand times is a thousand times what you started with.
One percent repeated two thousand times is a million times what you started with.
One percent repeated 3,000 times gives you a billion times what you started with.
MisterShortcut invites you to speak less and do more in the next sixty minutes.
Without exception, without fail, your results are assured of improving nicely.
What you know means little in the face of what you do with what you know
That's why you need not tell us what you can do, now, or in the future:
we can see, without you saying a word, based on what you do now.

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Can there be a sweeter function or sweeter shortcut for the Shapetalking Psychology ?

we know it is not possible to act without engaging equal and opposite effect, right?

Let's use Newton's Third Law of Physics for a most wonderful application:
saving lives of people who are dying horribly from lack of food.

These are the world's most brilliant findings, unassailable by any licit authority.
It supersedes the research of a thousand men, because it's the findings of far more.
Those who do it the best know it the best. Everyone else is engaged in blatherskite.
If you wish to learn from the best, from the Shapetalking Psychology on outwards,
you obviously haven't the million-dollar entry fees, so you will help others.
Half of your new wealth fairly belongs to the Shapetalking Psychology.
Take that half and invest it into helping the helpless, every day.
Relax, you will have more than plenty to indulge your desires.
The Shapetalking Psychology leads to fantastic, repeat wealth.
Since you cannot pay for the Shapetalking Psychology in currency,
you must agree to pay by helping the helpless, where and as you find them.
Black, white, green, red, fiesta yellow number seventeen by BenjMo, or any color.
Suffering children are suffering children. Close your mouth and find some you can help.
Newton's Third Law promises that the half you cast upon the waters will in fact come back.

Reach For More, And You Get To Taste Sweet Fruits Of Success

MisterShortcut Has A Question For You
Can you achieve a one percent increase? Does it take one year, month, week, day, or hour?
Whatever you determine to be your "one percent time frame," multiply it one thousand times more.
Doing it part-time, separate from all other functions of your life, an hour or two per week, may well suffice.
Do not spend any profit. One percent is achievable in a week or an hour, depending upon your hunger.
Hunger inevitably determines the level of education in any and every human field of effort.
Knowing in advance that you are counting only to one thousand, start immediately.
One percent, whether it takes you an hour or a week, is a repeatable function.
It is the greatest secret of wealth accumulation, known as compounding.
Thanks to technology, a month of research is done in a moment.
Thanks to technology, trading costs less than one percent!
Further, your cost starts dropping with all new profit.
Do not wait for more and bigger profits in trading.
Take your tiny profits, repeatedly, gratefully.
Shhh. Less talking, and more doing.
Wealth is yours to be earned...
simply one percent at a time.